Welcome to "Thought Bubble"

Thought Bubble is a knowledgeable, creative and performance-oriented organisation specialising in brand communication. The company offers services ranging from public relations and marketing to event management.

Thought Bubble identifies unique values within your company; we create a plan for reaching key decision makers, and implement tactics that ensure your message reaches target audiences. Regardless of your budget size, we can work with you to close the loop between marketing and sales. We implement everything we recommend and measure it whenever possible.

Who we are:

We have more than 30 years of combined PR and marketing experience. Before starting Thought Bubble, our associates have worked with leading brands in the IT, FMCG, hospitality and cosmetics industry. We have a passion for excellence in client service and pride ourselves on being partners with our clients.

In our work and through our values, we are:
• Dedicated to our clients' success
• Committed to working as partners
• Determined to achieve our potential
• Passionate about our work
• Focused on providing our best thinking
• Intent upon listening and learning
• Innovative and creative
• Ethical and responsible

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